Peak CO2 calculation from various sensors in two separate rooms

Workplace Fabric is pleased to announce the launch of Carbon Dioxide monitoring on the Freespace platform. The solution is based on the same Freespace parent module connected to a child sensor that incorporates the CO2 module. Our CO2 sensors are based on high accuracy dual channel pyroelectric detector that feature very high signal to noise ration and temperature compensation. As a result Freespace CO2 sensors are available to perform air quality measurement applications that require high levels of accuracy and response. 

Sensors deployed across a floor plate give real time measurement and deliver alerts and escalations when predetermined levels are crossed. Frequency of measurement is controllable remotely and so are any set points using our web interface. Access to analytics and data is available on the online portal along the same dashboard which allows you to view real time occupancy statistics.

Our sensors have been independently validated by a 3rd party for accuracy, repeatability and consistency. The is increasing evidence that air quality affects people productivity. With heavy dependence of people activity, air quality is increasingly being monitored on a continuous basis to understand variations through the day so that appropriate intervention can be made. Freespace CO2 is a valuable addition to delivering the best workplace environment for the office user.

Raj Krishnamurthy

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Raj Krishnamurthy